Add Complex/Advanced Fill in the Blank to other content types


Hello everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful day!

One of the content types that I absolutely love is Advanced/Complex Fill in the Blank. ❤️

Unfortunately, I can't find anyway of putting multiple activities of this type in an H5P sequenced activity. 

Can someone please help me learn how to incorporate them into the Interactive Book and/or Course Presentation contents? I wouldn't mind doing the coding work myself. I just don't know the H5P architecture very well. I'm using H5P on Wordpress.

Thank you all of your work and dedication!
– Gau

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Hi Gau!

The content type currently does not work as subcontent but crashes. This would need to be solved (fix instantiating the Ractive library or replace it).

On top of that H5P Group patched the code on their server which now diverges from the official code of Sebastian Rettig, the original author. His code has progressed as well. That should also be corrected first in order to rule out further confusion and trouble when working on the content type.