Course Presentation

Course Presentation : Can we target a specific slide using URL?


I would like to allow learner to open a Course Presentation (CP) activity at a specific slide from another CP activity. In other word : 

In the same Moodle Course : 

From CP-A > Slide 1 > Link ==> Opens CP-B in a new window or tab > Slide 5

From CP-B, the learner can navigate back and forth in this CP. Once it is done, the learner can close window/tab and return to CP-A window/tab.

Possible? How?

Thanks in advance for your help!

H5P Course presentation and Gradebook


I was made course presentation with 26 slides and many different activities (drag an drop, multiple choice, single choice, Thru/False) 

I have done all activities as test_user (NOT switch my role) and I was expect to see result in grade report, but there was nothing.

I am using Moodle 3.0.2, is that a problem?