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Can not copy images and other media in Course Presentation

In Course Presentation (CP) I get a 403-error when I click “Update” after I have copied elements in the presentation.

The error comes if I copy images and audio, but not if I copy texts, tasks or links.

I also get the error if I create a new CP and paste in a copied CP. Then it will not let me Create the new CP when clicking the “Create”-button. (That is if the copied CP has Images og Audio - if the copied CP only has text I do not get the error).

Platform: Wordpress 6.4.3 (PHP version 7.4.33)

Desktop: macOS Ventura v. 13.6

Best way to show grades and completion activity in Moodle with Course Presentation

Hi there, 

I have a couple of questions relating to grading quiz questions within a Course Presentation activity. An academic has created a number of H5P Course Presentation activities (with single choice quiz questions) on their Moodle (4.1) course. She wants learners to achieve at least 80% on each activity before marking them as completed. 

The grades are obviously automatically showing in the Moodle Gradebook and I have categorised these to make it easier to report on. 

What I'm struggling with at the moment is: 

Course Presentations

Dear Community,

I have created very large interactive books with numerous course presentations. I used the Lumi desktop software to create them. Yesterday I opened another student's course presentation with Lumi. 

Problem: now all (!) my own Course Presentations (inside all my interactive books) are no longer displayed. (Screenshot attached) I see nothing but white boxes. It seems to me that I have received a different/newer version of the course presentation?!