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Important!!! Drag and Drop not working with touch screen/smart board. Help please...

None of the H5P drag-and-drop content types work on the SmartBoard. I tried using Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer. Is there a way to fix this or any workaround to get it working on a SmartBoard? I have implemented all the solution suggestions at The result has not changed. I also tried it on different operating systems such as windows, linux. The result has not changed. This problem needs to be resolved immediately.

Add custom navigation in Course Presentation

Bei dem folgenden Beispiel wurde bei einer Kurspräsentation eine benutzerdefinierte Navigation eingefügt. Wie funktioniert das?

Danke für Eure Hilfe!

"In the following example, a custom navigation was inserted into a course presentation. How does this work?

Thank you for your help!"

H5P Mobile Loading Error

HI there, 

I have a client who can't view there H5P activities on the mobile app when they load their own templates. 


This does work on IOS, but doesn't work on android. 


This is the error message I receive:

Template has some errors and cannot be displayed"

Could you advise what may be the issue?


Kind Regards,