Course Presentation

Problems with adding and adjusting course presentations

Hello. We want to adjust an existing course presentation. The sheets need to be adjusted. Last week we succeeded in replacing the individual images of the presentation with the new, correct images. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. When I select the course presentation that needs to be changed and when I replace the image of the slide with a new one, I get the message: "file type isn't allowed". I did eveything exactly the same as last time. I used a .jpeg and upload individual images. I even have tried several other ways.

Crop Image without Expanding it

I'm currently doing work which involves cropping out parts of a screenshot. When you crop an image in H5P, the edit tool expands the new cropped part to about double its original size. There appears to be no way to just keep your selection at the size you selected, which is the way cropping works everywhere else. I'm currently having to try to manually resize it back to its original cropped size, sending the proportions out of whack, which is quite frustrating.

Thanks for your consideration.