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Course Presentation slide jumping

Hi H5P brainstrust! I'm making a course presentation which, ideally, features some case studies for users to work through. I'd like them to be able to pick which case studies they'd like to work on, and ignore the others. I see there's the 'jump to slide' option with the image choice activity option, but this doesn't get rid of the other options. Is there anyway to allow users to choose which slides to work through and then branch out to the end of the presentation without users having to clilck their way through other, later options that they didn't choose to work on?

Youtube embedding problem in Course Presentation

We are not able to embed Youtube videos in Course Presentation successfully. Once the Presentation is saved the slide just says 'video player loading' forever (see We are using H5P in Drupal, and the same display issue happens in Windows 10 and MacOS, and on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.

Video file upload works fine but not all content creators have access to the files for the videos they are embedding so this is a major issue.



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I need a suggestion on how to solve the following problem. I have just created a presentation with course presentation and would now like the learners to be able to work on these tasks from this presentation. This should include the creation of a quiz, several texts and the integration of a graphic. Would it be possible for the learner to work on this presentation including the tasks and the results of this work could then be transferred to the teacher as a unit in the corresponding LMS?