Course Presentation

Interactive video and Course Presentation not loading in editor

We are running H5P on a Wordpress install.

When selecting 'Course Presentation' or 'Interactive Video' as H5P types we just get the spinning symbol and 'Loading, please wait...'.

All other types appear to be fine.

I have updated these and all other types just in case. 

The Wordpress version is 5.7.2

H5P plugin version is 1.15.3

We haven't made any changes to our server environment.


Following error in Browser:

"unabletocopy" Problem

I have various H5P activities on my website, and generally love creating them. However recently one of the Course Presntations stopped working. When viewing the page on the website it appears to be blank. On trying to edit the H5P content, when I click update I get the error message "unabletocopy". If I try to create new material I get the same error. Any help greatly appreciated, especially as a big conference is wanting to access this material on Monday!