Course Presentation

courseware become uneditable

I used a lot of HP5 courseware content types on my work.
Some of the mine courseware has became uneditable for some reason. I am able to load and view it as normal, but as soon as I tried to edit it. 
The edit area becomes uneditable with interface missing as well... My first reaction was that the file became corrupted for some reason. But strange enough, I am able to view it without problem. 

Please see the image attachments and H5P file. 


How to remove remove "Reuse" label while student is watching the presentation


Can anybody tell me how to remove the lable "Reuse" in the presentation mode. It is fine when creating duplicate of contents but it displays in presentation mode to student. How can i not display that. here is the link for screenshot. ANy help would be appreciated.


Suresh Agrawal