Course Presentation

Image buttons have fixed size

Hello friends,

We are having an "image button" element that gets a fixed width and height applied in CSS, which prevents it from scaling to the fullscreen in the latest H5P/Drupal/Opigno LMS. This issue seems to belong to the element itself. If there a way to have the "image button" scalable, without a fixed CSS dimensions?

Best Regards, Oleksiy

Disappearing text box in course presentation

Hi there!
I can see that this bug has been reported before, but I don't know if the original reporter followed up with the additional information requested.
The problem occurs when creating H5P Course presentation content on Moodle.

On some (actually most) slides, I am not able to edit text content. When I create a new text item, I am able to enter some content, but either when pressing return, or when clicking 'Done' and reopening to edit, the 'Text' editing box collapses and doesn't allow me to edit the content.