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LaTeX not displaying in mod_h5pactivity Course Presentation content

First, I would like to say thank you so much for what you do!  I teach chemistry and your team has been instrumental in helping me to create engaging and interactive content online.  My goal is to include symbols and equations in H5P content.

French Geography 3 in 1 / exemple de leçon-révision-test en français



I'm a middle-school teacher who discovered H5P during the French national lockdown. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this great educational tool that is H5P.

I'd like to give back to the community by sharing a simple yet efficient Course Presentation about French oversea territories. It features Dialog Cards to rehearse the informative slides, a Drag'n'Drop map to assess the subject, and it's all good regarding copyright.

I hope someone finds it inspirational, thanks again for H5P.

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Course Presentation editor does not appear


Course presentation editor does not appear, displays text instead '[field:group:coursepresentation:presentation]' (see attached screenshot)

Other content types appear fine, everything else in moodle works as expected.

Course presentation works in 2 other similar moodle installations I manage.