Course Presentation

Summary score not working in Course presentation within Moodle


There seems to be some wonky behaviour in course summary score. When you refress/return to the presentation the  Score/Total changes. Is it suppose to behave like this?


Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create course presentation

2. Add summary-activity with few choosable options.

3. Save

4. Do the summary activity, get a full score  

5. Go to the summary page -> It shows full score.

6. Refress the page or leave the presentation and come back and summary score shows 1/n.


exact resolution for course presentation

Hi there,

we have not been able to determine the exact resolution or aspect ratio of the course presentation. Even if we distort the cover page to fill the entire window, a fine white line remains on the left and bottom.  

Uploading videos in H5P is accompanied by the black bars of the video window. Is there a way to fix this?