Course Presentation

Cannot install the "Course Presentation" content type.

I've sucessfully installed H5P into wordpress (v5.2.1), I have installed the H5P Content plugin & was able to add all of the content types but run into an error everytime I try to install Course Presentation.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I've attached WP error log and screen shot of error when trying to "install" course presentation content.


Quotation to add a new H5P activity to course presentation: Assignment activity



For an university project, we still searching without success a H5P developer to make their project possible. We were thinking about the possibility to add iframe embeded into Course presentation ( ), and now we are thinking about  an other workaround : add a new H5P content : Assignment activity in Course presentation, similar to but in H5P.

User story:

Quotation to improve Branching scenario and-or Course presentation with iframe embeder



I would like to know if it could be possible to add iframe embedder in course presentation & branching scenario, in order to use them in Moodle.

(The goal is to to be able to use some Moodle activity with iframe in H5P (course presentation & / or branching scenario), to allow for example to upload an odt, doc or ods xls in a assignment activity embedded in H5P - please note that this solution maybe need that Moodle could give iframe url of these activities, we are investigating this, and this is not asked for this quotation).