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Usability for subtitles: Embedded Youtube in a Course Presentation

Hi there!

I have a question about usability for subtitles. I'm embedding a YouTube video into a Course presentation. The delivery platform is moodle.

Some users have reported that it has been unclear how to turn on captions. The problem may be that the caption option does not appear until you play the video.

Before clicking play:

Missing images and mp3s in course presentation on WordPress

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I am using course presentation in a Wordpress environment. Sometimes using the drag and drop module, sometimes the image one.

After creating a presentation and looking at it everything seems in order. However, often when I check on it a day or two later it has missing images and audio files. I look on the server and the images are indeed not in the folder of the activityID. I have not detected a timeframe or why this happens. 

I am attaching a screenshot and a link to such activity.