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Course Presentation Summary Retry Button not working

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I'm using H5P within Moodle 3.6, I use the summary questions at the end of course presentations. When users click the 'retry' button, it resets the questions that have been placed within the course presnetation content, blanking out the previous tries, which is great!

However it does not actually reset the answers provided within 'Summary questions' themselves, no matter how many times I mess with settings of H5P. So it's not possible to actually retry a H5P Course Presentation if using the Summary Questions at the end.

Question about image metadata/alt-text

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Is there a reason why all the images get "Untitled Image" title text if there is no defined metadata for the images?

To conform Wgac guideline 1.1.1?

This is somewhat of a problem if there is a lot of background images in several content packages, graphics etc. which does not necessarily have any informal value but have to be named metadata/alt-text or there will be the forced "Untitled" text in every one of them.