Course Presentation

Internal Server Error (500) when loading Course Presentation


I tried to upload content from as h5p-file to a wordPress site and i got the following error code:

Internal Server Error (500)
Unable to interpret response.
Please check your error log.

Browsers console gave information about "Paused on exception" on the first line of script "h5p-hub-client.js".

Everything worked fine when I loaded the same content to Moodle. I deactivated all WordPress plugins and reactivated H5P-plugin but it did not help.

Accessibility of Course Presentation

We're having problems with accessibility of course presentation when navigating with NVDA. NVDA doesn't read the presentation content. We're tried switching browsers - Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

We thought maybe it was something to do with how we had designed the content, but we have run the same tests on the course presentation on the Examples & downloads page and the presentation content is not read out by NVDA.