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Bodymovin Animation in H5P

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Hi. I'd like to add Bodymovin animation inside of H5P Course Presentation. I've added an example here where I've place the animation on a wordpress site. This was pretty simple, but I'm unsure of the best way to incorporate this into your plugin. 

If it helps, here are the steps that I used to add bodymovin to wordpress.

Fill in the Blanks | Course Presentation

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If I add a slide to a course presentation, then add a "Fill in the Blanks" question, how does the user progress to the next slide upon entering the correct answer, or back to a particular slide if incorrect? I've built the presentation exactly like your example "Tip of the Week: Gamify your Course Presentations", found at , which uses Activate Active Surface Mode.

If I use "Go to Slide", the user could simply move on regardless if they entered the correct answer.

Could not get posted H5P & OK (200). Problem uploading content in Moodle

Hi, i'm trying to load several resources in Moodle, but it gives me this errors:

Error 1:

Could not get posted H5P.


Error 2:

OK (200)

Unable to interpret response.


Please check your error log.


I've checked the resources and all look fine. I send attached one of the resources.

Please help.