Course Presentation

Validating h5p package failed - Moodle/plugin upgrade

Hi H5P Team,

We are updating our Moodle site to 3.4 from 3.0 and are having trouble getting the H5P plugin to work. We are using H5P plugin 1.10, upgraded in line with the Moodle site. During our testing phase, only select H5P activities can be downloaded for use. Key activities such as Course Presentation have the following error message: [attached]

Which event fires when summary slide show up


May you all live in peace!

I am a Moodle developer and am trying to customize summary slide in course presentation. I have already written JS code which can modify the summary slide content as per my needs. The only issue is that when summary slide loads, it shows default slide and I have to reload the page to get my custom design appear.

It appears that I need to run my JS code on a proper event to make it work. I have tried to go through documentation to get to know the relevant one but not successful.

Course presentation and h5p module for Drupal 7 php version conflict

Hello! Thank you for the h5p.

I had some problems with it on the Drupal7 site.

When I open the hub on the page

I don't see the course presentation in the list.

Even when I try to add the library of the course presentation  manually on sites/all/libraries it does not help

When I tried to disable the h5p module to install it again I had 

Error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in .../sites/all/modules/h5p/library/h5p.classes.php, line 4365

in logs