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Dear Community,

I have created very large interactive books with numerous course presentations. I used the Lumi desktop software to create them. Yesterday I opened another student's course presentation with Lumi. 

Problem: now all (!) my own Course Presentations (inside all my interactive books) are no longer displayed. (Screenshot attached) I see nothing but white boxes. It seems to me that I have received a different/newer version of the course presentation?!

Can you please help me and guide me on what I can do? The Interactive Books have taken me hundreds of hours to create and they form part of my PhD on H5P. I'm really desperate because I don't know what to do any more.

Best wishes and have a nice weekend

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Hi Juli,

I uploaded in the content that you attached and to me it looks fine:

Lumi was not created by our developers. I have no doubt that someone from the community may have an idea with your issue but I think it is best that you reach out to Lumi as well. 


Hello! And thank you for your reply and support. I have since received help from Lumi and was able to solve the problem. If any of you have the same problem, I will leave the solution here.

Best wishes, Juli


There seems to be a conflict between multiple installations of the CoursePresetation library. You can do the following:

1) Open the Finder

2) Press "Shift+CMD+G" on the keyboard. An input window should open. (

3) ~/Library/Application Support/lumi/libraries      

4) Now delete every folder for the libraries so that the "libraries" folder is empty.

5) Now you have to reopen the file and only the required libraries will be installed and everything should work again.

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Hi Juli,

I'm glad you got it working and thank you for sharing these steps.