Best way to show grades and completion activity in Moodle with Course Presentation

Hi there, 

I have a couple of questions relating to grading quiz questions within a Course Presentation activity. An academic has created a number of H5P Course Presentation activities (with single choice quiz questions) on their Moodle (4.1) course. She wants learners to achieve at least 80% on each activity before marking them as completed. 

The grades are obviously automatically showing in the Moodle Gradebook and I have categorised these to make it easier to report on. 

What I'm struggling with at the moment is: 

1. What is the best way of creating those quiz questions in terms of the 80% pass mark? I thought we should put an 80% pass mark on each quiz question within the CP but I'm not sure if that's right. I've attached a picture of one of the questions current behavioural settings (they all have the same settings) - is this the best way of doing it? 

2. On the Moodle activity settings for these Course Presentations, there are now 2 options for completing once a pass grade has been met. Should I be ticking both? I'm assuming one relates to the Moodle settings and the other, the H5P activity / settings. 

* edit - I can't seem to upload the 2 screen shots. I'm getting an error.

Any advice you can forward would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks


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