Course Presentation

"Mountain Quiz" Template


I created a "Mountain Quiz" template a while ago with the Course Presentation content type. It can be used as a gamified quiz - the user "climbs" the mountain with every question answered correctly. Feel free to download and use. I added the sources and licenses of the different elements within the "Rights of use" information.

Here is the link.


Problem reusing course presentation from H5P on a Moodle platform

Hello! I have a course presentation on the H5P site that I downloaded and then uploaded to a Moodle platform. The presentations works fine on the H5P site, but on Moodle it only works in the edit mode. When I press save and show the result is a mess: first two slides combined, text missing or messed up.... (see picture). Earlier reusing presentations like this was not a problem. Any ideas how to solve this? (I'm using MacOS Catalina.)
- AriK