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Adding custom H5P content type in Course Presentation

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I am refering to this discussion started by Supriya Rajgopal on Drupal :

It's a pity that the list of H5P contents which are available in Course Presentation is "hard-coded" in the CP files itself. In the Drupal discussion mentioned above, a workaround is given to hack CP to make the inclusion of extra content types. I have followed the instructions and it's working OK. However this hack cannot be considered a satisfactory solution.

Corrupted Course Presentation?

We have a course presentation which seems to be corrupted?
In Slide 20 there are interactions where you get stuck.
Also in Edit mode there is no possibility to see all slides or to edit.

Please note that we use this exercise in a Moodle environment where we do some custom H5P styling.
It might show fonts that are too big.

We hope that you can find something in the underlaying source of the files?

Version Course Presentation is 1.19.3

Let play a audio in a loop

Hi there,

I'm missing a possibility to play an audio file in a loop in a course presentation.

As I hope that this feature can be interesting for many others I have already created a user story:

"As a user of a language course, I want to be able to play a specific sound in a loop so that I can concentrate on hearing the sound without clicking the play button many times."