How to embed Google Drive content into H5P

I want to embed a Google Spreadsheet chart into an H5P Course Presentation and I don't know how (in case it's possible). All that I have found is about embedding H5P content in different places (not my point right now).

I have even tried to publish the chart as an image, but inserting an online image via its URL doesn't seem to be an available way to add images to a presentation in H5P.

Content types: 
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Short answer; you can't. There are no content types that lets you insert a web based application or website in Course Presentation. On the other hand you can use iFrame Embedder which is available in Column. Please be advised that we do not recommend using iFrame Embedder because of accessibility and adaptability issues. Security and Privacy are also major concerns. 

- BV

Thanks for your kind response, BV.

Does a simple PNG or JPG image online, with its own URL, count as "a web based application or website" that can't be inserted in H5P objects without previously downloading it?

Thanks again!


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Hi Fede,

Yes it is. So what you can do is you can download the image and upload it in Course Presentation.

- BV