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Uploading H5P course presentation file into Moodle H5P

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I have a number of existing Course Presentations created on the platform. I have downloaded these and tried unsccessfully to upload them into a new H5p within the Moodle platform.  I am able to upload and view the file, but when I try to save I am asked to select a content type. If I select Course Presentation, I am presented with a blank course presentation, and lose the uploaded file. 

I am able to successully upload interactive video and drag and drop files, but not course presentations. Is this a known bug? Any workarounds?



Canvas LTI assignments - grades not returned to gradebook


Some our students are completing H5P assignments via the Canvas LTI (course presentation content type) and not having their final score returned to the gradebook. It's working fine for most students but causing a lot of frustration for the minority who make multiple attempts, but their scores are still not being returned. Do you have any suggestions for what might be causing the problem? They are using Chrome or Firefox.

Thanks! Isobel

Can't format navigation buttons?


I inserted a 'go to slide' function from the menubar (the one with the anchor symbol) into a course presentation. Resizing, positioning, editing text and setting behaviour are all clear to me - but when I've done all that the element just blends into the slide background. Is there a way to format it so that it stands out (and actually becomes useful) the way it does in the presentation embedded in the branching scenario 'Skills Practice: A Home Visit'?