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Course Presentation - Video autoplay not working if video is on first slide

Continuing the discussion from h5p/h5p-course-presentation#146:


If I enable autoplay for a video (file) that is on the first slide, it does not play automatically when the presentation is viewed. Only if one goes to the next slide and back again the video starts to play.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Put video on first slide
  2. Enable autoplay
  3. View presentation
  4. Notice that video doesn't play

Expected behaviour

Video should start to play.

Content Type Background Colors

Hello, just a question for the Devs.  Will you be allowing us to control the back ground color of the container?

I want to use the course presentation but the white background of the box is not going to work, I need transparency?

What is the best solution?  Custom CSS of the element or make my own content and control it that way?


Steven Davies

Web Developer Calian Group



Course Presentation Button (Active Surface Mode)


I have a question or a suggestion for the course presentation. I like to use Active Surface Mode because I can use it to create an intuitively usable UI myself. But I find it relatively impractical to have to reassemble the components (icon (picture), text field, shape, go to slide) for each button. Is there a way to simplify that? Either by copying several components at once or the possibility to compose a new component "button" from several components?

Best Regards