Course Presentation

Images not uploading to Course presentation or Hotspot image activity

Today, we discovered that all of a sudden we can't upload an image saved as JPG or PNG into a slide in Course presentation or into a Hotspot image tool. An error message 'File type isn't allowed' pops up when I try to upload the image. However, this issue doesn't happen for an image saved as JPG HD. We are not able to save every image as JPG HD however. 

Can't upload image in Course Presentation and Hotspot image

Discovered today that I can't upload JPG or PNG images into a slide in the Course Presentation format or into a Hotspot image. I get an error message 'File type isn't allowed' (see screenshot). The only way to upload an image is if it's saved as PNG HD. Can you please follow up as we have a number of resources at our university that require images in the Course presentation and Hotspot image H5P tool. 


Improve responsiveness of Course Presentation player


The player buttons (prev, next, full screen) are very small on some devices and hard to press - I've attached a screenshot simulating what they look like in landscape orientation on an iPhone X. Would it be possible to apply a min-width property to these buttons so they are always big enough to be pressed on a phone?