Course Presentation

Missing 'send to back' in course presentation


I've recently cloned a version of Opigno on Drupal 7 and I'm missing the 'send to back' option in the Course Presentation. The other context menu items are visible and was wondering if you could help point in the direction of where this is set so I can see what's gone wrong.

Clicking the 'bring to front' button again doesn't do anything and I don't get any console errors


Drupal 7.65

Opigno Version: 7.x-1.17

H5P Version: 7.x-1.46

Course Presentation (1.19.1)


Course Presentation Editor (1.19.1)

Allow Kaltura and other video platforms to be embeded into Presentation module

Currently, only selected YouTube and Vimeo videos are allowed as embeds to Presentations. Would there be other supported video platforms, such as Kaltura to be added as a video embed?

Also, another question is for video uploads - what are the size limits? and formats supported?


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Audio within Course Presentations



Please forgive me as I am not the most technical and feeling my way through this.

Using a Moodle, I have been creating course presentations. Howewver, I am having issues with the upload audio feature.

I have successfully managed this just the once, and the microphone button turns blue.

However, subsequently the microphone button turns green and no sound happens. I am using an Mp4 format, and the clips are around 30 seconds in length.