I have a designer who has a .h5p file they authored somewhere, probably h5p.com. When they upload to our Moodle (using the stock mod/h5pactivity from Moodle version 3.9, though even Moodle 4.3 should similar) they see:

"api-version-unsupported : The system was unable to install the Course Presentation component from the package, as it requires a newer version of the H5P plugin. This site is currently running version 1.24, whereas the required version is 1.26 or higher. Please upgrade and then try again."

I'm wondering if we have to upgrade or the authoring tool is being too optimistic.


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H5P Group recently released an update of their H5P Core which is part of their H5P integrations for e. g. WordPress, moodle. The H5P integration that was created by and is maintained by moodle HQ and that you are using has to be updated to use the newer version of H5P core, too.