Fill in the Blanks

"Fill-in-the-blank" vocabulary test does not allow disabling "Show solution" and "Retry"

Hey dear community,

something happened to"Fill-in-the-blanks" which does not allow any more to disable "Show solution" and "Retry" buttons in the german version. I disabled it first at the end of the whole "Fill-in-the-blanks"-form, but did not change anything, when I tried it out, I could use the buttons "Show solution" and "Retry". Then I invested two hours of disabling the "show-solution" and "retry"-checkboxes in every single vocabulary in my "fill-in-the-blanks-test" and also disabled them at the end of the form.

iOS display issue

Hi all,

I'd really love to know if anyone has noticed this problem. In the screenshot there are 2 content types. The first is Drag the Words and the second is Fill the Blanks. As you can see, after checking, the green correct answers appear, although the colour is much more faded in Fill the Blanks. I have checked the css for both activites and they match perfectly, so I am struggling to understand this issue. On all desktop browsers there is no problem, but on all iPhones and iPads this is a problem. I think it might also be an issue on other phones.