Fill in the Blanks

Advanced fill the blanks

Hi , I can't find "Advanced fill the blanks" in the list of Content Types on my Wordpress plugin dashboard.  I can only find "Fill the blanks" . What I like about the advanced version is that "If an answer is incorrect, an individual feedback text is shown for the exact mistake they've made and their attention is drawn to relevant parts of the text. If they only make a minor mistake (like spelling error), they get a warning message telling them what the exact problem is". I'd appreciate your help. 

Fill in the Blanks - option to retry even when successfully completed


Love this software - would love to have the option to retry a gap fill / Fill in the Blanks (well, all tasks) even when successfully completed. Or a 'clear answers' option. The progress is saved (required) so the only way to clear answers to a successfully completed Fill in the Blanks task is to clear the browser cache which resets ALL tasks. I am still testing this out so please let me know if I've missed anything.


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Fill in the blanks in a grid

Hi, I'd like to prepare some exercises with "fill in the blanks" for my italian classes but can't manege it to have a table with single "check" buttons allined like the example I found on the net (

How can i get that kind of disposition? I just can have them one after the other, but not from left to right like the four columns in the example.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you very much for any hint!