Fill in the Blanks

Get overall maximum score of complete exercise (multiple questions)

In our Moodle LMS we have exercises that consist of multiple questions. To proceed to the next exercise, a student has to have correctly solved 50% of the questions of one exercise. So we need to check, if 50% in total is reached. Could someone tell me, how we can do this by the xAPI? I know I get the max score of ONE question by event.result.score.max(), but how can I get the overall max score of multiple questions? Or is this much more a moodle question instead of a H5P question?

Fill in the Blanks - Problem with multiple alternative answers

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Tested under Opigno 2.5 (Drupal 8).

Affected: Fill in the blanks 1.11

Replication: Create exercise with 5-7 blanks, each with 3 alternative answers. When student is done with this exercise and clicks "next" his answers cannot be saved to the database due to "data too long for column".

From what I understand H5P tries to save to the database an array of sets of correct answers which grows 2x with each alternative answer. This behaviour is irrelevant whether you put all your blanks into one text block or into separate text blocks.

Customising fill-in-the-gap markup output

So, can anyone please tell me how I can customize the HTML markup for the fill-in-the-blank plugin?

I'm using H5P for the first time and I need some help please.

I would like to identify each textfield generated by the fill-in-the-blank plugin by adding a unique ID for each one. Right now, only the h5p-text-input class is available on all the textfields.
My plan is to use the ID in an ajax callback to retrieve selectable options for each textfield.

And ....