Fill in the Blanks

[Fill in the Blanks] Resizer doesn't adjust when input text increase height


When the student inputs values into a Fill in the Blank input field, the width of the input may increase. If this happens enough (and there are multiple inputs) then the "Check" button to submit the question will be hidden from the student since the overflow of the containers of each input set are hidden.

This video illustrates the problem:

Table formatting bug - changes don't save

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a table in the Complex Fill in the Blanks activity.

However, after configuring the formatting in Table Properties and selecting 'Save', all formatting options reset to default.

This is frustrating because this is an activity I want to ulitise for my work, but this bug is stopping me. I cannot have tables that are not uniform in cell size and without coloured header cells.

I see that this was reported three years ago, and yet the bug still exists: