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Minimize scrolling in Interactive Book edit mode


I've been creating an interactive book and would like to request that H5P make some changes that would minimize scrolling while editing. Not only is it time-consuming and frustrating, but it is a problem for users with carpal tunnel or other disabilities. 

1. Add a settings option that gives the user three choices for how to open a page: a) All items collapsed, b) all items expanded, or c) in the last used state. Add a tooltip to remind the user to give the item a name in Metadata.

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Available content types in Interactive Book

Hi. While creating an Interactive Book, i observed that not all content types are available to add in the book.

Is there a way to add the currently unavailable content types?

For example, i would like to use the "Image Choice" content type but it's unable for use within the Interactive Book even though i'm able to use it as a standalone content type.