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Moodle: interactive video within interactive book

Minor bug - In Moodle we've observed when creating an interactive video within an interactive book, that when editing text elements on top of the video they can't be scaled to lie along the exact right and bottom of the video, so a small amount of video peeks out.

Unfortunately I'm not able to share a screenshot due to our agreements on this.

this occurs in both the h5p maintained interactive content tool (version 2021061100) and the Moodle maintained h5p tool 2021051700

In Interactive book: Get rid of task description


I have an Interactive book with a Fill in the blanks (among other things).  I don't want to show the "Task description" to the user each time.  How do I make "Task description" non-mandatory?

There is no need to show it each time; the user might know how to finish the tasks other ways, or I might descript the task in the text itself.

The same goes for "Mark the words" and probably other question types.

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