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Interactive Book

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In the CSS for the Interactive Book, the class '.h5p-interactive-book-cover-title' specifies the text size of the title to be '2.188em'. However, inherited from the div, the CSS classes ".html.h5p-iframe .h5p-content" specify the line height to be '1.5em'. So, if the title is long enough to wrap, the two lines of text overlap each other. This is a problem, especially since this content is displayed through an iframe so CSS in the page it is displayed on cannot correct the issue.

Interactive book: not all funcions are available

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Dear H5P users, 

I have been using H5P for a long time. Actually I use it with the (updated) plugin in a website wordpress.altervista. The Interactive book do not show anymore the possibility for using content like video or interactive video. This does not happen if I create a H5P interactive book on 

Any hints about why this restricion happens when working on my website?

Many thanks in advance,

Paolo Bravi