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Interactive Book: Text being added

When creating an interactive book (issue was also reprocued with a True/False Question, Multiple Choice Question and Quiz), a long block of text is added to every textbox once the activity is saved. This includes text boxes, True/False questions, and the activity description page. When returning to the edit page the text can be deleted, but reappears upon saving the activity. This happened whether the text was typed directly into H5P or was copy-pasted from an external editor. 

Issue was reproduced using Google Chrome and Firefox.

Textbox collapses during editing

I know this is a known issue, but there seems to be no solution at the moment, I am writing this post with more information about the bug, and hope that there is a fix. 

I use H5P in Moodle, and when I edit an "interactive book", the texbox collapses on itself regularly. (see attached picture)

It happens with any interactive book, and is easy to reproduce : 

- I start to edit a "Text" content type

- I change one of the following : boldness, italic, heading type... Any of the formatting tools.

How can I add Arithmetic Quiz and Flashcards in to the Interactive Book I'm creating?


I love the Interactive Book H5P.
I't very easy to use and to add several other H5P activites in to the Interactive Book  and bind them toghether in one Interactive Book H5P.

My question is how can I add Arithmetic Quiz and Flashcards in to the Interactive Book I'm creating?