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Interactive book: not all funcions are available

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Dear H5P users, 

I have been using H5P for a long time. Actually I use it with the (updated) plugin in a website wordpress.altervista. The Interactive book do not show anymore the possibility for using content like video or interactive video. This does not happen if I create a H5P interactive book on 

Any hints about why this restricion happens when working on my website?

Many thanks in advance,

Paolo Bravi

Full Screen Window Size Issue in Interactive Book


In the interactive book when made full screen (and for some activities in normal screen) the content area on the right appears to be limited to a narrow area and force the user to see the content by scrolling. I am adding two screenshots in which I scrolled to see the rest of the review page. I also experince this in iframe embedder where I tired all options to adjust the size but couldn't succeed; still the full screen doesn't display the whole content in height and force the user to scroll, and in some cases no scrolling option. Could you please fix this issue.