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Interactive Video : Interactive Video does not play in Firefox in Moodle

I have an issue with interactive videos inside the interactive book in moodle 4.1. In firefox the interactive video does not play in non full screen mode. The only error get in firefox console: "No ajax path found"

any ideas?


LearnPress LMS - Eduma Mobile app and H5P content rendering



We are using Learnpress LMS and plannig to host our app both android and ios using eduma theme based apps, my question is will H5P content renders properly in mobile app or not. They have developed using react native framework.
We are heavily using interactive books of H5P I am afraid that this should work well in the mobile app as that is using Rest API pulling the content to display

please advice

This is quite a urgent and serious issue for us, please help


Interactive book - text alignment

Hi folks, how are you?

I am using H5p interactive book to create moodle courses and I have one question for the community.

Is there a way to justify text in H5P interactive book (by justify I mean the control + j funcion of the microsoft word, not center/left/right alignment). If there is so, can someone explain me how? I have not found videos or other topics about it.

Thank you in advace,