interactive book

Flickering on content load if content height is big

In moodle 4.2 interactive book flickering while opening if where are more content from standart window size, can be problem with JS-resizer.

This problem apears in chrome, edge, brave and some times in firefox

I append file with example. It is translated to german.

Interactive textbook doesn't save answers to essay questions in the attempts report

I'm using the interactive book with essay-type questions and other h5p activities and I've noticed that the answers my students have given to the essay-type questions don't appear in the attempts report. I only see the duration, score, conclusion and result of the attempts, but what they wrote is not available.
I've found that when I use the Essay questions individually (outside the interactive book) the attempts report shows the answers.
Is there a specific setting in the interactive book to make the answers available or does the book not have this functionality?

Code Viewer Cut-Off Issue in Interactive Book: Seeking Solution for 'CodeHighlighter' Integration


I am creating an interactive book, and during the creation, I realized I needed a code viewer. I did some research and found the "CodeHighlighter" library. I managed to integrate it into my book; however, when I insert certain lines of code, the code viewer gets cut off, showing only the first and half of the second line. It is not possible to view the entire code. I also noticed that this happens when you access the book for the first time or reload the page. But if you click on another chapter of the book and then come back to the same chapter, the code is displayed completely.