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Students downloading their answers in Interactive Book


We are using the interactive book as a feature in Brightspace. We were wondering if it is possible for our students, who answer the assignments in the interactive book, to download their own answers? These answers can be quite helpfull while studying. 

Right now it is only possible for them to send their answers to us as creators, but we can't share it with them. 

It would be nice for them to have these answers!

Thanks in advance. 


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Interactive Book

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In the CSS for the Interactive Book, the class '.h5p-interactive-book-cover-title' specifies the text size of the title to be '2.188em'. However, inherited from the div, the CSS classes ".html.h5p-iframe .h5p-content" specify the line height to be '1.5em'. So, if the title is long enough to wrap, the two lines of text overlap each other. This is a problem, especially since this content is displayed through an iframe so CSS in the page it is displayed on cannot correct the issue.