interactive book

Redesign of the "Link" module in the "Interactive Book".

Currently, when adding a link using Content type Link in the Interactive Book, it is available as blue underlined text.

I did some tests using Chrome's Developer Mode and realized that using a Button instead of a text-link would make the feature more visually pleasing and more functional.

What do you think?

I'm from Brazil.

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Migrating to H5P Activity in Moodle 3.10's picture

Hi to everyone!

I'm migrating my moodle server form 3.6 to 3.10 version (and infraestructure too). Also, I'm starting to use H5P Activities, instead of the H5P Plugin. So I restore my course backups in my new moodle server (on my new infraestrucure), and everything goes fine for me.

But, when I've restored a course and ran the migrating tool to come out with the new version of the activities in the course, everything goes fine till the last activity(H5P.InteractiveBook). It shows me an error and the migrating tool can't finish it work, so I can't migrate the activity.

H5P não carrega no Moodle

Uso o h5p a algum tempo no Moodle,  para gerar conteudo interativo para meus alunos.

Porém já faz alguns meses que o h5p não carrega  no Moodle,  conteudos como o video interativo, course apresentation, agamotto, e muitos outros, não abrem, fica carregando e não abre conforme a imagem anexo.

Instalei e desistalei o plugin, inclusive criei até outro moodle e nada funcionou. 

.Estou usando o Moodle 3.9  e também o 3.10

Wordpress versão 5.7.1

PHP versão 7.3.27 

Servidor Hospedagem no Hostagator