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Interactive book - text overrides


I'm wondering where I can customize the display of the navigation in the attached screenshot. Specifically, I'l like to have it say "Part x" (and remove the "/y". I've navigated to the Text overrides section of the book, and tried to make a few changes, but have not been successful. thanks.

Show Applet directly underneath the Video in an interaktive book

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Good Evening!

I'm rather new on h5p. I want to thank all the creators for theory work. It's a great Instrument.


I'm about to use the interactive book on moodle platform. As mentioned in other posts, I would love to have a "save progress" option. I Think alot would value  that. 

However I'm dealing with another issue at the moment: each of my sections will begin with a video, followed by links and some geogebra-applets.