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Is it possible to create content directly on my own website?


I'm currently working on a self-made website to post some of the lessons that I make. I'd like to post H5P content on my website and allow users to create their own. My question is : Is there a way for users of my website to create H5P content directly on my website, without having to create them on H5P (dot) org first ?

If a tutorial is available on that request, would it be possible to see it ?

h5p-interaction in AR-Scavenger

 Hi there,

I have got a problem with AR scavenger. A content type I like a lot. I tryed to use „Audio“ and „Course presentation“ as h5p-interaction within AR Scavenger but am not able to choose these as they don`t appear in the drop-down menu.

I already tried a lot to get this running but couldn`t do anything about it so far :(

Set a score of 2 to pass the exam, but only 1 point can pass the exam


Has anyone ever encountered a situation where a score of 2 is set to pass the exam, but a score of 1 is enough to pass?

The server environment has not changed. Recently, it has been discovered that there is a problem with the scoring function. If you score one point while doing questions, you can pass the exam. Even if I set a score of 2 to pass the exam, as long as you score one point, the system will determine that the exam has been passed.

Why is this happening?

How can I solve this problem?