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KEY HASH instead of Content ID

The H5P Content ID in WordPress is quite predictable, since it is a consecutive count. 1,2,3...

It is easy to predict and extract content from a site.

Would it be possible to change this to optionally change this a HashKey?

This could help protect content from a site.



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Best Way to Organize and Backup H5P Content

After over a year of pandemic teaching I have over 300 H5P lessons in My WordPress.

What Is the best way to backup and archive the content at once?

Is there Any other way to organize and sort the contents except by the "Content Title"?

I have 15 weeks courses, with 3 interactive video or presentation lessons a 25mins each and a Interactive book every 6 lessons.

Is there a way to create groups, folders or add keywords?

Many thanks for any Ideas or help to automize this process.