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Mixed version dependency conflict


I ran ino a strange bug in the Moodle mobile app. In the app, but not the web, we are getting the error in the attached screenshot  with the attached h5p.

This H5P was generated on and had been working, but then stopped at some point.

When I checked the dependencies on the file we uploaded to moodle (attached broken.h5p) and the export file that Moodle sent to the mobile app, I noticed this change in dependencies:

broken.h5p dependencies

'roll up all' and 'roll down all'


When I'm editing my H5P courses in order to add somes updates, I spend a lot of time to click on "roll up" or "roll down" for all the contents one by one.

Do you know if a 'roll up all' and 'roll down all' functions are available ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

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duplicate information

Hi, I hope you’re all right.

I have installed Moodle version 4.0.4, moove theme version 4.0.7 and H5P version 1.22.4.

My question is this: When I add an activity or resource, I select the option that says H5P interactive content and everything is fine. ¡ The problem arises when I see the activity and it turns out that it shows twice the title and description of the activity! Does anyone know how I can hide the information since it’s redundant? and How?

Please and thank you!