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Is there any way to see who has editing access to an H5P activity I can't edit?

I am working in a subject/unit within my university and there are some H5P activities that none of the current team have editing/collaborating access to. I'm not sure if there's anything in the metadata which can tell me who the onwer or collaboarators are. Does anyone know if there's a way to check this? Or, is there some way H5P can add me or someone else as a collaborator to H5P activites we're trying to work on? The only way around this I can see is that we'd need to completely remake the activities we're trying to work with.

Any suggestions welcome!

Thank you :-)

h5p activities not loading

I've received reports from visitors to my website that they are unable to see h5p activities. The only people that can see them seem to be those logged in to wordpress - I discovered this because one visitor reported that only after making a comment could they see the activity, so I'm assuming they logged in to do this. I've also checked this by logging out of my wordpress account which stops the h5p activities from being loaded.

When I check the console in Chrome (when not logged into wordpress), I see this error message: