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Textbox collapsing and can't be edited again

I'm trying to create a course presentation but I'm having issues with the text boxes collapsing as I'm typing. It's happening most but not all of the time. I find when I enter more than one line of text (or increase the font size), the box collapses and I can't edit the text again. There is no way to expand it manually. This happens in any input textbox, including the question elements such as multiple choice. 

I'm using Google Chrome on computer.

It's happening regardless of the content type too but I'm primarily using Course Presentation.

Populate from CSV

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H5P is amazing, but creating detailed activities is often repetitive and time consuming. In content types that require filling in the same fields over and over again (such as accordion, interactive book, multiple choice, true/false, timeline, virtual tour (in fact, most of them!)) the option to use a pre-prepared spreadsheet or CSV file to programmatically create and populate the requisite fields would significantly reduce the time needed to build (and update) truly engaging and inspiring activities.

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