File is not allowed- AR Scavenger

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Hi! Help is appreciated! I would like to use AR Scavenger but there is always shown: File isn't accepted- even when I uploaded glTF or glb, bin. Does somebody know what I am doing wrong? I downloaded the demonstration file from h5p- but it didn't work either. 

Is there a special ending the file has to have? 

Thank you in advance!



H5p - WordPress 6.0.2


I have a WordPress 6.0.2 with the Neve theme and H5p version. When I try to create new content, the system responds: Loading, please wait... I pass screenshot. I tried it on another WP with the same theme and it gives the same error. I changed the wordpress version to 5.9 and had the same problem.

I disabled all the plugins, even the whole theme and it still doesn't work. I've tried it with different browsers, Firefox, Brave and Chrome and it still gives the same error.


Thanks to help.

H5P not loading after Learnpress updates

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I'm using H5P content on an e-learning platform based on Learnpress and after LP (2022-07-05) updates I cannot use it any more, nothing could be loaded.
Platform wordpress 6.0.2 
Both in mobile and desktop
Browser: Brave and Firefox
H5P plugin version 1.15.4 and Learnpress - H5P content version 4.0.0
H5P content type and version: many types, interactive video, find the word. fill blank, hotspot, etc.