Course Presentation responsiveness for dummies

Hi... I'm a "dummy" as far as editing js or php is concerned... I've made a course presentation with a sequence of drag and drop questions. It's not responsive; on a mobile it's in miniature format, and the buttons are so tiny that it's difficult for adult fingers to move them. 

I've seen the articles about changing things so that it's more responsive, but I admit to being a bit too dense to know how to implement them. Also wondering why it's not automatically responsive anyway?

I'd appreciate any help with this!


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Both Drag Question and Course Presenation are responsive, they adapt to the size of your device. You can use "full screen" of Course Presentation to make the task bigger and more accessible on mobile devices, or you can make Drag Question into a button, which will ensure that it opens into a dialog that uses the available space given to it by the Course Presentation.

Apart from these features it is the author's responsibility to make sure both the Course Presentation has enough size on the embedded page, and that Drag Question has enough room within the Course Presentation to be displayed properly on the devices they wish to support.

Do you have any suggestions for how the responsiveness of the tasks could be improved ?