Please teach me how to change storage url path to a different folder?

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First off, just want to express my gratitude to the great team of developers and other contributors making this jewel running. Thank you!

I'm using wordpress on my main domain. In my cpanel file manager, I can see that all h5p contents such as images are stored in wp-content/uploads/h5p/content/(folders)/filename.png.

I now have another separate domain where I copied all of these exact same folders/filenames with the only difference that, well, they're stored in a different domain.

So instead of, I would like to get

Is there an area in the h5p files where I can modify the default https:/// https:/// all the images? 

I have thousands of such images stored in h5p and I can't afford to manually edit them, and even if I could, I don't where to enter the code to point to a different domain. 

Can this be achieved via mysql command? I looked at it, but the content table only reveals "path: "images/image-filename.png"

Is there a core file hosted on my cpanel where I can easily change the into

Please help. It's been keeping me awake for over a week now. I tried a couple of devs on Fiverr, and I also used my "noobie" eyes to investigate, but I just can't anymore. Now turning to the community and the engine builders themselves for help. 

Truly appreciated.


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