iFrame in an Interactive Video

Hi, is it possible to create or embed an iFrame in an interactive video? If so howwould you do this? The IV interaction does not give all the interactions available if I was creating singular interactions. Thanks

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Hi, this is not possible from the authoring tool as far as I know.
If you have developer resources available you can add this through a content type hook, or create a pull request for a feature that would be able to achieve this. Allowing iFrame embedder to be used inside IV could be one solution for achieving this.

Thanks thomasmars, could you progress this suggestion to the relevant area? Perhaps feature development? In general, things like audio questions, iFrame, Accordian, would be great interactions to incorporate into the Interactive Video menu bar - similarly to the course presentation interaction. Thanks

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Hi JamesAustralia,

This is a good suggestion and I've moved the post to the Feature request forum for better visibility.