Is xAPI integration planned/possible to create?

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H5P looks really good!

I would like to ask if and xAPI integration is planned for H5P?

I saw on the roadmap that it said "Implement API for saving results" and "Implement API for saving user data". Would it be possible to use this API to create a xAPI integration?


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Actually I created a prototype on sunday. If you look in Github there are xAPI branches on many content types and also in the core libraries. It will be release in december. There will be a javascript function, currently named H5P.onXAPI where you may add an event listener and get all xAPI events that are generated by H5P.

I have also updated the roadmap now. It was completely outdated.

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Ok sounds awesome!

On a completly separate note, may I ask what xAPI record store you would recommend? I have tried LearningLocker, which works well, but at the same time I'm also interested in knowing what else is out there.

This question is not directly related to your product, so don't feel obliged to answer. Just aksing because you seem to know what you are talking about, something which actually is a bit rare in the e-learning world... :P

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I'm glad you understand it if we won't answer your question.  We have a policy on being neutral to these types of questions so I won't mention any xAPI record store... :)

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Makes sense...

Thanks anyway!