Labels for the tick marks on the Agamotto content type

A use case for this would be a topographical map with varying contour lines and contour intervals. It would be nice to have the tick marks reflect this information rather than just placing it in the available description area for each image. See example below.

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Hi mcroyle,

This is a good suggestion. It would be best to reach out to the author of this content here.


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I already took a note in the issues :-)

Thanks otacke! I was going to reach out to you but I figured I'd document the request here.

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Posting the request here is perfectly fine! This way there's a chance someone else might add his/her ideas about the feature.

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Alright. I guess that's about what you had in mind?

Some things might need some tweaking though. I'd be grateful for feedback. For example, should the labels scale in size if someone shrinks or enlarges the images? Should they disappear if horizontal space is too small? ...

Fantastic! I have a faculty member who will be using this to replace Flash elements. I'll relay any feedback they have. Thanks as always.

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Have you received any feedback yet?

Other than being happy with how it works I have not received any additional feedback. They will be converting the course over the next couple months and may have additional feedback then.

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Great! Then I'll brush up the code a little bit and ask to update the content type on the H5P Hub.

Great addition. ..