Displaying "comments" in Course Presentation activities

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When editing activities added to a slide in the H5P Course Presentation activity there is a Comments field available which states "The comments are shown when the user displays the suggested answers for all slides."

This field also features an Always display comments check-box.

I'm finding both the description of this feature and the attached check-box misleading. I suggest the following improvements:

  1. The Always display comments check-box should only be shown for interactive contents, i.e. questions which expect answers. For such static contents as Text, Image, etc. that check-box is superfluous. If is is not ticked, then the comments will never be displayed!
  2. The Comments field description could be re-worded something like this:
    The comments are displayed after the user has clicked on the Show solutions button on the Summary page/slide. If you tick the box below, then they will always be displayed.
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Hi Papi Jo,

Thank you for the suggestions, I will make sure to let the core team know.