Suggestion to tasks/questions: incorrect answers return to default


I have a suggestion regarding drag and drop, drag the words, find multiple hotspots and similar tasks. 

In tasks where there are many drag and drop objects (10+) I would like the correct answers to remain in theire placed position, while the incorrect positioned objects returns to default position (column). This will be a natural responce when the "check answers"-button is pressed. The user can now continue the task by placing the incorrrect answers, and do some "trial and error" to complete the task.

This feature can be optional for each task; selected during task development. 


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Hi Dagolere,

Just to be sure that I understand what you mean, you are suggesting that once an draggable object has been dragged to a drop zone it stays there until the user clicks "check answers". It will then perform what you where suggesting that the wrong answers go back and the right answers stays in the drop zone. 

I just want to clarify this because at the moment there is an option where a draggable goes back if you drop it in the wrong drop zone.


That is correct.

I think it's best that the user places the all the objects where he/she thinks they should be placed, and then press the "check answer" button. The software will then put the incorrect objects back to default position, while the correct ones remain in theire selected drop zone.



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Hi Dagolere,

Thank you for clarifying.

This is a very good suggestion.


This would be very helpful when there are a large number of items to place in drop zones.

This would be very helpful .. has this been implemented?  We have a lot of items to drag and drop and would like to have only the incorrect responses return (for re-dragging) after they have submitted their attempt.

We would also find this useful as an optional setting in drag and drop. If there are a large number or items it is frustrating for students to have to start again if they've made just one or two errors. It would help them to focus on their errors.