Dependencies of H5P for Wordpress (for a network without internet)


I'm installing H5P in a educational WordPress, in a network without internet connection.

At the moment of create something, H5P needs some dependencies, but in this classroom it's not possible download anything.

It's possible download these dependencies from somewhere for after installing they manually?

Thanks for answer.


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Hi ecicerone,

You can setup something similat to what I use. I have WAMP+Wordpress+H5P plugin. You will still need connection to download and install the content types but once installed they will work even without an internet connection.


Thanks BV52,

I'm using XAMPP + WordPress+H5P :)

So,  what I need is just how download the content types to my pendrive to pass them to the XAMPP + WordPress + H5P installation, and in wich folder I've to save them...

It's possible something like this?




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Hi ecicerone,

I think it's best we continue the discussion in your other post ;-)