Institution specific H5P hubs

Hi, I am seeing the H5P hub is under development, and it is almost ready to be released. I am excited about the possibility of H5P because it will make it possible for educators to share their H5P content. 

My question is the possibility of having the option of having a group or institution specific H5P hub branches. This means H5P contents will be shared only by specific groups and institution members. The reason this is important is because of copy right issues. Some teachers want to share their H5P contents in contexts solely for education where only restricted students and teachers can access the H5P contents they created. In this way, some teachers could feel relatively safe about possible copyright issues.

Therefore, I am wondering how feasible the idea of having H5P hub for groups and institutions is. This could be a feature needing customization, but I think if it is a part of innate H5P hub feature, it will be a boon for many people. Looking forward to H5P Hub coming!

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Svein-Tore of the H5P core team last week answered this question with:

We are not trying to make the silos bigger. We are trying to get rid of them.

So the answer is: no. I guess it's called H5P OER Hub for a reason.



Hi, Oliver. Thank you for the reply. Have a great one!



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While I see the point of stressing the "openness" of the Hub, I still think there are very valid reasons for keeping content inside an institution. The German copyright law, for example, allows sharing copyrighted material between teachers in educational institutions to a much larger extent than it allows public sharing. While US educators can use and share educational material on a fair use basis, this is impossible here and it would help if at least the teachers of an institution could share content that is based on copyrighted material.

I wonder whether Joubel would accept PRs that allows administrators to customize content hub sources, so that we can run custom content hubs.


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Hi Sebastian!

I know the situation in Germany too well, yet I embrace the direction of H5P. I guess German organizations are free to fork H5P into a not so open framework if they prefer to do so, but I'd rather like to see them adopt better OER strategies.