True/False question type in Quiz (Question Set) in Moodle

  1. Moodle version 3.8
  2. Desktop
  3. Chrome
  4. H5P plugin version 1.21.0
  5. H5P content type (True/False Question) version 1.6.5
  6. no browser console error. The quiz just doesn't displayed after click save and display.
  7. no php errors
  8. moodle has just been upgraded from v3.3 to v3.8.

When set up H5P activity in Moodle, select Quiz (Question Set). select True/False Question type and configure the question accordingly. After click save and display, the quiz will not be displayed. However, when I try other question type (MCQ, drag text etc), the quiz works fine and will be displayed. As long as the quiz consist of one True/False Question, it just wont be displayed. 

I also tried upload an image into the True/False Question (in which image/video above the T/F questions is optional), then the quiz works fine and will be displayed well. Without an image above the true/false question, then the quiz doesn't displayed. 

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Hi Christine,

Can you please attach a screenshot of the browser console (ctrl+shift+J in windows or Cmd+option+J in Mac).



Attached herewith the screenshot of browser console. Hope it is what you want. 

I have just check the moodle LMS, the true/false question type in Quiz (Question Set) now works fine. I am not sure if your side has done some adjustment about it. Anyway, thank you for your prompt reply.