Quiz (Question Set)

question-set start quiz button gone


repeatedly we are seeing the issue that a user misses 'start quiz' button in question-set on moodle. 

the only remedy we could find so far is to duplicate the whole question-set for the affected user. with the copy they would then always be able to work.

we tried different webbrowsers, deleting all the caches, but no avail.



QuestionSet js events don't work on reopening inside Interactive Video

I'm trying to embed a QuestionSet in an interactive video. While it is getting loaded alright as a button, if I close the dialog, and reopen it then all the jQuery events stop working inside the dialog. Although the close button still works.

I suspect that once the instance is detached on close, it's not getting attached again on reopening the dialog.

Could someone please guide me as to which methods should I be looking at?