Quiz (Question Set)

How to proceed to the next lesson in Wordpress after a H5P quiz

Hi, I've just created a quiz using H5P and cut and pasted the code into a quiz page on LearnDash Wordpress. When the quiz ends there's no "Go To Next Topic / Lesson" button. What should I do to enable my H5P to have a "next" function so that users can continue on to the next lesson after a quiz?

Thank you in advance!

Quiz - Limiting questions in 2nd attempt to the ones they got wrong

I just wanted to see if there is an option (Or workaround) to restrict which questions the student has to answer on a retry?

If the student doesn't get a passing mark the first time round, currently they have to retry all the questions.

Can we set it up so that they only need to retry the questions they got wrong the first time around?