Quiz (Question Set)


I think that H5P is in conflict with jquery (see attached file). We had a functioning H5P installation. Then we incorporated LearnDash and MemberPress, and when we copied the new installation over the old one, there are two problems:

1. some, but not all, quiz exercises fail to load, and cannot even be edited. They display a "unabletocopy" error. 

2. all dictation exercises are no longer playing the embedded sound files. 

Creating a quiz with NO score

I would like to use the quiz (question set) feature to create an exercise where learners are provided with standardized feedback against which they can compare their answer, but no score. Is there a way I can make the score display disappear? I am using multiple choice, essay and true and force questions (so far).



Drag Text & Mark the words

Hi H5P Team,

first I would like to thank you for the work you've done. The questions and all are really a great development. I use it inside the LMS Opigno based on Drupal and most of the features work well in my question set.

But I have 2 Questions and I really hope so that you can help me or give me a tip what I can do:

1. Is there a possibility to set the points of the type drag the words or mark the word to 1 point per question like it is in a multiple choice type? Is there anywhere a patch or a hidden setting or is it possible to edit the library for that?

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