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No skipping in Question Set

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Hi there,

I use the question set to test the knowledge of the participants of my Moodle course and some questions can be answered just by skipping to another question because of the question description. Some questions are based on other questions so it would be great to deactivate the skipping. ;)

Thank you for your trouble! Lila

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Question set not picking up pass mark.

H There

I'm having trouble with multiple choice question sets. I've set the pass mark and added text specific to whether the user passes or fails but this text is not showing when I have completed the quiz.  At the end of the test I get a score ' you scored 2 of 7' but I don't see the specific text regarding pass or fail depending on the score. How do I get this to apprear? Is it a bug or am I setting it up inccorectly. Please see the screenshots below to see my setup. 

I'm using Drupal and H5p version 7.x-1.6. Question Set Library version 1.6.2

Disable retry on Question Set Moodle Plugin 3.1

We've created a question set with multiple drag Text questions. We can disable each question's retry, but there does not seem to be a way to disable the retry on the whole set. We want students to have one chance to complete the activity. We've tried everything to disable the set and only allow one try. Nothing seems to work.

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