Quiz (Question Set)

Disable Retry Button for Quiz Results view in the Quiz (Question Set) type

I'm not sure if the Content Creation Topic is where this belongs, I can change it if needed...
Question: Is it possible to disable the Retry button located at the end of the Quiz (Question Set) type? see the screenshot attached.

Moodle - Maximum Grade

Hi Guys,

I have a quick question relating to Moodle. On the content creation/editing page for a H5P acitivty, there are two fields under GradeGrade to pass and Maximum Grade.

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Question Set question cannot be answered once 'check' clicked, even if no option selected


In Quiz (Question Set), where 'Retry' is disabled in a true/false and multiple-choice where the student hasn't selected an answer but clicks 'check' they are then unable to answer the question. 

It would be desireable that the 'check' button is disabled until an attempt to answer had been made to improve the UX as disabling re-try prevents students 'gaming' rather than engaging with content.