Quiz (Question Set)

Issues with Drag and Drop questions in Quiz (Question Set)

Unless I made any mistakes in the settings (which I cannot rule out), there seem to be two issues with the "Drag and Drop" question type in the "Quiz (Question Set)" content:

1. It is only possible to drop the text areas, i.e. the answers, into the correct drop field, but not into the incorrect ones. This does, of course, make the quiz much easier than intended.

2. Despite this restriction, H5P still tells me the given answers are wrong when checking the results, which is contradictory and wrongly results in minus points.

Adding a Logic at the end of Quiz (Question Set) [Moodle]



I'm quite new in customizing the H5P. There is a case that I faced where I want to implement a simple logic implementation at the end of the quiz (question set). So, basically the interaction that needed to be implemented is placing an image when user has the full star, and different image if the user doesn't make the full correct answer. I look at the configuration of question, there is a configuration like this but it is only for video,

Quiz (Question Set) and scoring

I'm trying to wrap my head around the Score Range settings for each Question type as compared to the Score Range for the entire quiz. Does having the Score Range individually form a weighted grade? Does one setting override the other? 

If weighted, I am unable to make this function work. On the final question offered, if I add more than the 0-100% range and then get a correct answer, the Results button does not appear and I cannot see my final score. If anyone is able to provide some clarification, it'll be greatly appreciated.