Quiz (Question Set)

Question Set question cannot be answered once 'check' clicked, even if no option selected


In Quiz (Question Set), where 'Retry' is disabled in a true/false and multiple-choice where the student hasn't selected an answer but clicks 'check' they are then unable to answer the question. 

It would be desireable that the 'check' button is disabled until an attempt to answer had been made to improve the UX as disabling re-try prevents students 'gaming' rather than engaging with content.


Disable Retry Button in Quiz (question set)

An author should be able to remove the "retry" button from a deck of questions.

Currently the settings seem to allow this (disable retry button) but this setting has no effect which makes it even more confusing for the author.

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Quiz (Question Set) for WordPress missing question types

  1. When using the WP plug-in I retrieved the Quiz (Question Set) content type from the hub using "add new" - "get" - "use". When selecting question types only two options are available (see attachement). When using this content type at H5P.org there are more question types available. Is there a way to get the full list in the WP version?
  2. WordPress v4.9.8
  3. Desktop
  4. Firefox
  5. H5P plugin version 1.10.3
  6. H5P content type and version (if a content type was used), and a sample URL or attached H5P.
  7. Screenshots attached