Quiz (Question Set)

Quiz (Question Set) --> clone question

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The 'Course Presentation' content type has a 'clone side' function which is very useful, as it allows reuse of interactive content.

This cloning feature would be really useful in the 'Quiz (Question Set)' content type.  For example, a drag and drop exercise with highlighted drop zones, followed by a drag and drop exercise with NO highlighting.  Currently it seems that this cloning feature is not available.

Thank you!

Display issues in Quiz (Question Set)

I have created a question set, and placed it on a page.  

When I first load the page, there is a lot of whitespace under the first question before the rest of my content can be seen.  I am using a Mac, and have the same results for both Chrome and Safari.  Here is an image - I can't even capture the bottom of the H5P box in my screenshot.

question with whitespace

If I resize the page, then the whitespace disappears.

No skipping in Question Set

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Hi there,

I use the question set to test the knowledge of the participants of my Moodle course and some questions can be answered just by skipping to another question because of the question description. Some questions are based on other questions so it would be great to deactivate the skipping. ;)

Thank you for your trouble! Lila