Title used in Course presentation summary

Not sure if this is considered a bug, but I found that if you use a Question set in Course presentation, the title of the Question set won't be shown in the summary. Instead the first question in the Question set will be shown.

Like in the example on H5P.org: https://h5p.org/presentation#example=612

The first question on slide 2 will be shown in the final summary page, and not the title of the whole Question set.

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Hi janlindso,

Thank you for reporting this. Upon checking the settings of the content the first question is actually the title of the Question Set.


But it's supposed to be the title of the Question Set instead, right? I think that would be a lot more appropriate for this use.

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Hi janlindso,

You are correct that is the right name to use in the Summary screen and as I mentioned the title of the question set is the first question.