Icons to illustrate titles

Hi there, 

I work as an English teacher. Thanks to H5P, my students practise their listening (Dictation), speaking (audio recorder), writing (flashcards) as well as Reading (Single choice set).

It would be great if an icon could be add in the titles of the activities so that they spot the kind of activity straightaway. 


  • To develop listening skills through the Dictation activity ---- headphones 
  • To develop speaking/pronunciation skills through the Audio Recorder activity ----  a microphone or a mouth
  • To develop writing skills through the Flashcards activity ---- a pen
  • To develop reading skills through the  Single choice set activity ---- a written notepad




Is there anyway H5P enables that today? Would it be possible to provide this feature in a future upgrade? 

Thank you very much for everything you provide our students with. 






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