Branching scenario - wrong answer


In Branching scenario we can use some question for branching. If we have let's say 3 questions and one is correct - jump to another branch, other two is incorrect. Is there a way to count the wrong answers (how many times he made the wrong decision) After let's say 2 wrong decisions I want return it to the initial slide.

I hope the writing is understandable enough

All the best,  Ivan

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Hi Ivan,

I'm afraid this is not possible exactly how you described it, however it should be possible if you duplicate branches in a way that will lead to the "start" if 2 questions are answered incorrectly. I created a crude sample here. Please note that my sample ends once the user chooses the correct answer or goes back to "start".


Thank you very much for your answer, and idea too - duplicate branches,
and after second wrong answer return to start!

Bye, Ivan