Branching Scenario

Issue adding Branching Scenario

Hi All, 

We are trying to install the Branching Scenario content type in our Moodle installation but we have found that if we do not install Questionnaire and Twitter User Feed content types then Branching Scenario breaks and does not work. We do not want to include Questionnaire and Twitter User Feed content types due to accessibility. 

Has anyone encountered this before? If so, any advice on how we can enable Branching Scenario without also having to enable Twitter User Feed and Questionnaire would be much appreciated? 


How to ensure that the most up to date file is translated?

Hi. I noticed that the Finnish language file (fi.json) of the Branching Scenario ( seemed to have some differences compared to the English one (.en.json). To be more accurate, e.g. lines 170 and 171 in ".en.json" have the label and the default for replaying a video, but the "fi.json" has translations for these items in lines 166 and 167 in different slot of the "fields": [ ] table/list (not sure what it is called).