Branching Scenario

Simplest way to implement timed decisions for branch navigation

Hello everyone, thank you for working on such a capable package and distributing it for free! I am developing a branching storyline for a set of safety training videos. They are quite simple trees where every video ends in two children. The client would like the decision points to have a countdown effect, much like the Netflix interactive videos such as You vs. Wild (

I would like to have the following specifications:

Video playback in branching scenario

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were creating content for an international audiuence 

video save in to activity as MP4 H.264, 720p for web  end up buffering and pausing part way through

we cant use Youtube ( some country fire walls block this) and dont have Panopto yet 

would you recommend using Panopto ( as I think this will fix buffering /streaming issues)  

tried with different Browsers chrome and edge 

happy to take advice and recommendations ?