Branching Scenario limit?


Dear all,

I am currently developing an E-learning with a colleaugue of mine. When I showed her an example of a case using the Branching Scenario feauture, we both wondered whether it'd be possible to create an entire E-learning using the Branching Scenario feature. 

For context, the E-learning is part of a bigger collection of E-learnings. The other 3 E-learnings have all used the standard book-form in Moodle. We are, however looking to create a more visually pleasing E-learning, and we've been granted absolute freedom to do this :)

Thus, I've created an account for this forum to ask you all the following questions:

1. Is there a limit to how much content can be used in a Branching Scenario?
2. Does the size of a Branching Scenario impact the user's computer/internet speed?
3. In case the Branching Scenario isn't the best way to create the E-learning in Moodle, can anyone recommend me the next best thing?

Thank you all in advance.


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